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Kimmo Nuotio


Espoo, Finland
Cell #:     +358 (0)40 900 3057
Home#: +358 (0)9 8190 1900
Email: mc(at)


Career objective

A talented and well trained Internet Marketing Professonal with proven track record of  management & sales in general and  online marketing Programs in particular  seeking a  reputable online marketing company (or a wanna be) –  who is interested in  developing it’s online presence by giving me an opportunity as Your new  Internet Manager / Consultant / Social Media Expert / Partner … to fully utilize my expertise in online marketing & customer satisfaction and cutting a niche for the Company in the web market.

…including SEO, product marketing, marketing communications and sales to create and deploy highly efficient online marketing programs including email campaigns, Mobile Marketing, blogs, co-marketing opportunities, SEM and online advertising.


Last 24 Months…

I’ve been concentrating all my efforts in deepening my level of knowledge in the latest Internet Marketing; SEO, SEM & Social Media Strategies & Tactics as a member of several World Class Internet Marketing Training Programs like Stompernet, Arbitrage Conspiracy, ThirtyDayChallenge, GVO ACADEMY, Seo Brain Trust and TWITTER TWENIUS
Just to name a few.


Professional Experience

Beavers Oy (82-83): Sales Repr. (Jeans),  Helsinki
Mexx Finland Oy (1983-87): product Manager (Mexx Men),  Helsinki
KJ – Trading Oy (87-93): CEO,  Helsinki
Dan J. Company Ltd. (91-93): CEO,  Helsinki
Mixcomp Oy (93-2009): Marketing & Sales Man./CEO / 2004 – 2008 also as Certified WSI Internet Consultant, Espoo
Flaming SEO Consulting Ky (2011…): Internet Marketing Consultant, Helsinki


  • Beavers Oy (Jeans): WholeSales / Central Finland
  • Mexx Finland Oy (Fashion): Wholesales, PR, Merchandising / Finland
  • KJ-Trading (Fashion; Import, Agency, Wholesale, Retail): Man. Dir. (Principal Relationships, Marketing,  Finance etc.) / Finland, Baltic
  • Dan J. Company Ltd. (Fashion):    Man.Dir.
  • Mixcomp Oy (up to 2005 (Fashion): principal Relationships, Marketing / Finland, Baltic
  • Mixcomp Oy (2005 – o4/2009) INTERNET Consulting: Consulting, Sales, project Management etc.
  • Flaming SEO Consulting Ky (2011… ) Iinternet Consulting: Consulting, Sales, project Management etc.

– Including:

  • Planning & Sales of Internet Solutions

  • Designing, managing and implementing Internet marketing programs including organic optimization, link-building, paid search marketing, and blog implementation
  • Developing and managing budgets and metrics, understanding and implementing coding schemes for the purpose of tracking market sales trends
  • Analyzing and reporting program performance, providing recommendations and results for improvement and implementation of new programs
  • Creating and improving websites and other online marketing opportunities
  • Proposing new Internet marketing strategies
  • Managing day-to-day client and company relationships through presentations and calls


Education and professional qualification

1978: Second LieutenantRUK, Hamina / Finland
1995: MSc. (Econ.)HSE (Helsinki School of Economics), Finland
2004: Diploma in Internet ConsultingWSI, Toronto / Canada
2006: Diploma in Internet Marketing ConsultingWSI, Toronto / Canada
2013: Specialized Professonal Exam of Product Creation – Rastor, Helsinki 


I practise Blogging, Networking, Telecommunications & Mobile Marketing, Economics and
Gadgets & Gizmos in the daily basis.  | Nature, Country Skiing, Telemark, Nordic Walking &
Fly Fishing  are the causes of my current being in the best condition of my life! – Even
if 03/03/1957 was already the day of my Birth 😉

To find out more, click here! Or even better if you’ll call me, now: +358 (0)40 900 3057 [GMT +2:00]



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