New SEO Guide Clears Up In-House or Outsource Debate

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) February 20, 2006

Business executives can get a free SEO guide to help them decide whether it’s best to tackle SEO in-house or by outsourcing.

The complimentary guide, “SEO In-House vs. Outsourced: Ready for Success or Poised for Disaster?” is available at:

The guide covers the advantages and downside of each scenario, including training, budgets and concerns about the “opportunity cost.” Additionally, the guide has an ROI section with a series of critical questions companies should consider when they decide to commit resources to SEO.

“Businesses can do SEO on their own if they dedicate the time and understand the discipline,” said Mike Murray, Fathom SEO’s vice president. “To pull it off, they need to have effective training and processes in place.”

Sometimes it makes sense to outsource if a company can’t add staff or adjust workloads, but there are potential risks, Murray said. “Some consultants offer great perspective, but you really need to check out their credentials and how they perceive industry ethics.”

Murray is available to discuss the guide, search engine marketing tactics and related trends. He can be reached at 216.861.5951 ext. 111.

Fathom SEO is a market-leading firm dedicated to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), with an emphasis on natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Fathom SEO provides link building, pay-per-click (PPC) bid management, web analytics, and custom and integrated permission-based marketing services.

Clients include Eaton Corporation, The Cleveland Clinic, Little Tikes, Sauder, Bissell, Darice and FedEx Custom Critical. Fathom SEO has seasoned and knowledgeable SEO consultants with diverse skills.

For search engine optimization services, visit or call 216.861.5951 or 866.RANK.YOU (726.5968).


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Nice SEO Guide photos

Nice SEO Guide photos

A few nice SEO Guide images I found:

Puppy In Training
SEO Guide
Image by srsphoto
This is Kyle, he was with a fellow attendee at an SEO seminar today. He’s 9
months old, he’s in training, and he’ll be an official guide dog in about a

SEO Guide: Web optimization Tips

SEO Guide: Web optimization Tips

SEO Guide: Web optimization Tips

Article by jack

The SEO is the process of providing good positioning in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. We analyze the keywords and phrases in the website and choose the best ones that give the best results for the search engines and to human visitors.

Today, SEO Guide is very important because the WWW is very competitive market. Millions of websites compete for some key words as highest rank for each one. Good understanding, therefore, how to optimize a website for search engines is necessary.

Many companies today use the SEO tools to improve your ranking in search engines. These tools open connection to a single page or multiple pages. Keywords are dominant on the page and pages linked from the homepage. These can help you decide what the page is speaking. The same process is done via the search engine when parsing crawled pages which are the main keywords on the page.

SEO requires the use of appropriate methods to help improve the ranking of success in the SE. Two ways to give good results are improving the site’s content and ask the site good neighbor sites.

There are several tips to improve the website through SEO:

1. The owner of the website must be skilled in the art as it is written: when someone add content to a site that has, must be skilled in the art to add useful content. This is reflected in site visitors when they read the content.

2. Good planning for the site: when the site is well planned, it will easier for users and make it usable. Good planning also give good results for the search engines.

3. Choose keywords important once the subject is experts who are chosen, the main keywords to be determined. Should be repeated more times in relation to other keywords in the page, but not too much to prevent spam slurry.

4. Have a theme for each page: Each page should have unique object. This issue should be determined closely to find the presentation on this subject that is written on the page.

5. Get enough time developing the content of the site content is the main factor affecting the usability of the site and its usefulness. If the content is good and does not exist in many places, it will be a big business for webmaster and visitors.

6. Link to your page: links from external sites is the most important. The webmaster should see what your site is talking about and link to it with the main keywords and description. The directories are a good way to start building links. Forums are also a quick way to get links and traffic pull it.

7. Repeat until you get the best result: the above steps should not be done only once because nothing is getting through the night. It should be repeated over and over again when a new idea to develop the site is put in the mind. Eventually the site will be better and better.

you can read more here:-

About the Author

Today, SEO is very important because the WWW is very competitive market. Millions of websites compete for some key words as highest rank for each one. Good understanding, therefore, how to optimize a website for search engines is necessary.

The New Search Engine Optimisation Resource –

(PRWEB) April 26, 2005

With the aim of saving individuals and small business’ thousands in Search Engine Optimisation costs the new SEO resource at provides articles, guides and tools to enable a SEO ‘newbie’ to learn about the SEO basics and to plan and implement the optimisation of their own website.

The vast majority of websites are built and run with little or no thought put into how the site will achieve the number of visitors to make it a successful venture. In today’s crowded internet marketplace websites need to take full advantage of any edge that they may gain over their competition.

Simply building a Web site is no guarantee that important target audiences will visit that site. The most popular way in which people find Web sites is through search engines. If a Web site can be easily found by the search engines, the amount of qualified traffic it receives will greatly increase, thereby maximizing sales and other business opportunities

The new resource places a large emphasis on editorial content that teaches web designers, webmasters, developers and programmers the SEO basics. Other useful resources to be found on the site includes current industry news, job postings, links to the most useful SEO tools, news feeds from other popular SEO resources and a forum to keep up to date and to ask for expert opinions.

For further information about SEO-Service please visit,


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