I wanted to you show you this quick clip from a keynote speech by Steve Jobs. No doubt Steve likes to toot his own horn, but this is pretty powerful stuff…

I know this post is very similar to my last one about how fast the mobile market is growing, but this clip tells us that there is a target within a target.  Yes, a target within the mobile market…Apple users!

When we think about how we’re going to target mobile users with our businesses, we must largely factor in the apples various platforms: iPods, iPhones, macbooks, etc.

If they own the market, then that’s where most of the people are, right?  Let this post get your gears turning and start considering the different ways that Apple is opening new communication between you and your potential customers (i.e. apps, ads, texts, email, etc.)

To get your creative juices flowing, list one way you could use Apple mobile devices to extend the reach of your business to mobile customers? Place your answer in the comments below!

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