…Have someone else make it for you!

The most obviously difficult thing about a New Year’s resolutions is actually keeping them.  This is especially true for entrepreneurs!

I think what most people overlook is thinking about whether or not they are making the most effective choice with their New Year’s resolution.

It’s really difficult to examine yourself and be honest about what your biggest need for change is.  Ever meet anyone like the kid in the pic above?

My Idea to fix this?

Have your business partner (or co-worker) make a resolution for you. Why? Finding someone who knows you (and that you trust) will have a much more honest insight into your weaknesses that relate to your business or work habits that not only affect you, but the people that rely on you.  Right?

Apart from getting an honest opinion, you have the opportunity to have an accountability partner to make sure you actually keep your resolution. You can make this happen by making a resolution for your biz partner as well.  Having your resolutions out in the clear will prevent you from hiding them and just letting them fade away.

But, you need not to have thin skin. Getting offended is the one thing that can truly hinder your biz success. Trust your co-workers and partners and be willing to hear them out. Be willing to change and make yourself better!

Do you think you could benefit from this? What resolution would your partner make for you? Comment below!

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