I read recently that Facebook has projected a $ 4 billion ads revenue in the coming year, and I think I know how they’re planning on doing it!

Promoted status updates or sponsored stories is the answer.

Just as Twitter is allowing promoted tweets, Facebook advertisers will be able to purchase a ‘sponsored story’ ad. When a sponsored story ad is purchased, Facebook will pull a real status update or story and use the info in the ad.  (see image to the left)

Right now it seems that the ad will include the actual person’s profile pic, their status update (or other interaction) and the profile pic of the advertiser. Also, note that ads will display the amount of comments and likes (powerful stuff).

I’m excited about this new introduction by Facebook mainly because social proof is a really powerful advertising tool.  Few things can top seeing actual people’s real-time responses to your brand.

What do you guys think about this new addition to Facebook Ads? Comment below!

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