I’m sure many of you have considered tailoring your customer experiences for other culture and languages, but then just never really got around to it. I’ve done the same thing.  But now, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore and pass off as ‘not that important’.

Here’s Why…

A very recent study conducted by Terra.com shows that Hispanics are now the ideal online customer. This is a particularly convincing statistic from the study:

Hispanics are more responsive to targeted ads with 37% saying they would likely respond to them vs. 30% for non-Hispanics. 35% of Hispanics vs…Furthermore, 36%of Hispanics vs. 24% non-Hispanics claim that Internet advertising has motivated them to visit a retail establishment while 35% of Hispanics vs. 25% of non-Hispanics are likely to attend movies based on their online campaigns.

A key finding which represents a great opportunity for marketers is that if spoken to and reached with culturally relevant messaging in English and Spanish, Hispanics will react positively to brands online more so than non-Hispanics. While non-Hispanics may tend to look at interactive advertising as intrusive, Hispanics seem to be appreciative of the brands that are trying to reach out to them.

That’s some pretty real and powerful information to take hold of for your business, right?

While I don’t have any immediate answers on how to customize the customer experience for Hispanics, I can say for sure that it needs to be done.

Do you guys have any input how this? Comment below!

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