The video below is a highlight from a speech he gave
about the thought behind his up and coming book
‘The Thank you Economy’.

I think Gary is right on the money when he says
brands no longer have the option of being silent,
and really they must become more human.

Hit play, and watch the clip below:

Social Media is still a little kid and has a lot of maturing to do, it’s not slowing down anytime soon.  Because of this, brands and businesses must be completely and totally aware of what’s happening in social media.

Heck, you’re getting to essentially tap into the convos and thoughts going on inside your customers social lives. The internet has become a giant coffee shop and if the person next to you is mentioning your brand, then you’re a fool and a jerk to ignore it and not respond.

I’m not kidding when I tell you that next year, if you’re not establishing a place in Facebook and Twitter, you’re going to LOSE.

If you feel like you’re not ready for next year with your social media, then comment below and say so!  Now is the time to reach out for help!

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Humanization of Brands in 2011
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Humanization of Brands in 2011

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