It happened. Instagram is no longer a mobile exclusive experience.

On tuesday, the the company finally pulled the trigger on web access to your feed. Since they were acquired by facebook last april, the company has been inching closer to putting more importance on their web platform.

While I think versioning is important, and gradual release is a great method to increase the longevity of your service, I am not very impressed with the user interface. I think the move to the browser is exciting and good decision, but we were essentially given a neutered version of the app. The web feed is as plain and vanilla as it possibly could be. I think the most disappointing thing would be the absence of the ability to search and follow new people. I imagine they are seeing that their users are spending a relatively short amount of time on the site.

I am not entirely sure why they would release a web version of the site with fewer features and capabilities than the app itself. Perhaps, this is a half hearted attempt to move onto the web, or they are afraid that mobile use would decrease if everything was available from the computer. Your guess is as good as mine.

With all that said, nothing is going to slow down the adoption of the web service. Prepare to see instgram in a browser, as a welcomed part of an social media time killing session. If you have an urge to look at your friends kids or mouthwatering meals, look no further.

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