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I just ran into an old friend in Vegas and had a chat about how he’s using “Offline” marketing these days to ‘kill it’. I got so pumped about what he was telling me that I got him on the phone as soon as I got home for an interview.

After 10 years of marketing online, I’ve done pretty close to ZERO “offline” marketing campaigns (i.e. postcard mailers, etc.).  Like most of you it just feels way to complicated and messy…and expensive.

Fortunately, there are guys out there like my friend, Luke Jaten, who are completely willing to school me on the offline marketing stuff I just don’t know jack about.

In the interview above, Luke takes the time to dispel the myths I’d believed for years about Offline marketing and he reveals a few things he’s been doing for years to get free traffic (literally).

Much to my surprise, most of his offline methods are much less time consuming and more stress free than a lot of the stuff I do online.

What part of of this Interview surprises you most about the opportunities in Offline Marketing? Comment Below!


Learn More:

If you’re feeling like I did when Luke first “spilled the beans” on what he’s been up to and you want to know more about how to get free traffic with Offline Arbitrage, click HERE!

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