If you use email marketing to promote products or your business, you know the Importance of getting good deliverability rates. Deliverability is a metric used to measure how often your emails actually make it into your subscriber’s inbox. Now days, with spam filters becoming more critical of email content and things like priority inbox, getting the most out of email marketing endeavors is a growing challenge.

The fact is some people don’t want your marketing message. Send as much free high quality content as you want, they still don’t want to see it. Maybe they don’t remember opting into your list or don’t remember buying your product. Or maybe you have let your list get “cold”. Whatever the case may be, you need to do everything you can to ensure your efforts do not go to waste.

Your subscribers don’t realize how powerful that little “report as spam” button can be. Enough of those clicks and you can say goodbye to getting into a given email service’s mailboxes.

You should always do your best to send out the best content you can and treat your subscribers like you would a family member (after all, they often help keep your lights on). By doing your best to send out interesting and valuable emails, you will retain and engage your list.

However, some subscribers are not and never will be interested in your marketing message. You can’t make everybody happy all the time. So how can you reduce those complaints?

The Trick

If you are experiencing a high volume of complaints or have been warned by your email-marketing provider, it is time to implement this trick.

The trick is to easily make your unsubscribe link accessible. It sounds simple and it is something that is already in your emails, but you probably aren’t doing this…

At the very top of your email you are going to add 2 links. A link where the anchor text is “Unsubscribe”, and the other reads “Report as Spam”. These links are to be placed before any other content, at the very top of the mail. Both will be linked to your unsubscribe or “manage your subscription” pages. Most, if not all, email marketing platforms will have a short code (also known as a merge code). If you are having trouble finding this code, you can always copy and paste it from the bottom of your email template.

The idea here is to take focus away from the “native” “report spam” button, you know, the one that is a part of gmail or other mail provider’s interface. Hopefully, you can direct those unhappy clicks to just unsubscribe from your list. Trust me you don’t want them on your list anyway.

A friend of mine was able to implement this trick and was able to drop his complaint percentage rate by more than half. This can work wonders for your ISP relationships and general email deliverability. If you plan on sending a controversial mail, or something that has a bold message, consider giving this a shot. The better deliverability you get, the more money your list will generate for your business. By maintaining a healthy list, and following good email marketing practices; you ensure the longevity of your list and cultivate a happy group of subscribers.

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