Here’s a telling study that measured the Year-over-year use of email across all age ranges.

Not all that surprising to find that teens (12-17) are using it less than anyone considering how popular social networks and text messaging have become.  Although it’s slightly surprising to see that the decline in email use carries all the way from ages 12-54.

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I’ve got one big, obvious takeaway from this Study.

Our future customers won’t be checking their email all that often. At least not near as much as their text message or tweets.

This can only mean one thing, engaging in social media with these youngsters will be a vital part of our business futures. The other vital part will be text messaging and mobile advertising, which most of us are already starting to move into.

The reality is that the younger generations are faster paced and have much less patience than the older generations.  Texting and social media are much faster and more open than traditional emailing.

Do you think we’re approaching the day where email is considered ‘old school’ in the same way the direct mail marketing is seen? Comment below!

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