If you didn’t already know: 1-Smart phone sales are projected to out perform global pc sales within 3 years 2-Mobile web adoption is growing 8X faster than the equivalent point 10 yrs ago for the desktop 3-Half of new internet connections are from mobile devices

Watch the video below to hear a recent talk from the Mobile World Congress about just how important mobile is becoming…

FYI: You can’t ignore this for much longer! When mobile becomes #1,
many of you will be wondering what the heck happened
to your click-through and conversion rates.

There are definitely adjustments to be made for the emerging mobile market,
and I for one will make sure that I stay ahead of the curve on it.

Confession is the first step to growth, so leave a comment
and let me know if you are or aren’t making your business mobile
ready. Be honest! Comment Below!

How Fast Is Mobile Search Growing?
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How Fast Is Mobile Search Growing?

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