Acme Phone Leads is Local Phone Leads Generation

Article by Linda Saville Trempe

Tissa Godavitarne known for his Acme People Search program is about to launch his latest program, Acme Phone Leads. Acme Phone Leads is tapping the practically untouched local online lead generation market. Local online lead generation is an untapped gold mine waiting to happen, it’s the immediate future of online marketing. It’s about cultivating relationships with local businesses who already have an existing website.

Local Online Lead Generation is the Immediate Future in Online Marketing

There are effectively 1000’s, if not millions, of local businesses who are willing to pay for qualified local phone leads that have been produced for their businesses. Tissa’s Acme Phone Leads will have two components to the business. The product which is local online lead generation tool and a 5 level downline matrix.

Acme Phone Leads is Local Online Lead Generation

The Product: In a nutshell Acme Phone Leads members will be able to take a local business website and without difficulty insert their PPCall phone number and generate a new domain in order to advertise, track and generate phone leads for the business so no web building skills are required. For those members who aren’t interested in approaching local businesses, or who may not be comfortable with this, Tissa has put together about 200 pre-negotiated local offers in his Northern Virginia area. He plans to continue to negotiate more offers over time and has just lately added local offers from the Dallas area. This will also make it achievable for non US members to market the product as only US businesses can be part of Acme Phone Leads. These businesses are keen to pay from to per lead! The monthly cost for every phone number will be .95 & a member can subscribe to as many lines as they desire. Local online lead generation is a very effortless sell product because it is a cost per action (CPA) process. There is no cost or risk to the business owner as they only pay for the leads that are delivered.

Click this link to listen to Tissa describe the Acme Phone Leads program. If you would like to acquire more information on Acme Phone Leads when it is launched, or join when it launches, fill in your name and email in contact form below the video.

At a cost of .95 for each phone line it is entirely understandable that members will want to take a considerable look at the Acme Phone Leads program before subscribing so Acme Phone Leads is completely free to join with no end of the free trial. They will be able to observe the back office and see all the offers and payouts. During the free trial a member won’t have access to their own personal phone number. In addition the one basic phone number, once the member elects to join as a paying member, can be switched from offer to offer at any time.

Earn Money for Referring Members to Acme Phone Leads

The Business Opportunity: The other side of the Acme Phone Leads program is the 5 level downline matrix with automatic compression and a member only needs one direct referral for payout. For each direct referral in level one a for each month commission is paid. For every 2nd to 5th level referral a commission is paid. So in essence even with just that one direct referral a product is reduced to a cost of with a referral in each level.

Priority Notification List: Until Midnight November 30th EST a Priority Notificaion List, or PNL, is available to join at a cost of one time payment . The benefits of joining the PNL are a pre-built 5 level downline with compression (if one of your downline drops out then the downline automatically moves up from below to fill you with a new member) to all but the last five to join. Another great benefit is being put into a lifetime rotator with other PNL members to receive orphan, or non-referred, members. Typically orphan signups are at a rate of about one third of all signups! So if a member signs up on the PNL and then gets the one direct signup needed for matrix payout they will already be in profit by for each month. Also commissions will carry over for months that the member has no direct referrals to a month where a direct referral is obtained, making this a more than awesome opportunity!


Your PNL Pre-Built Downline Your 1st Referral





L5 + = – cost= / mo. profit.

To join the PNL before the November 30th, 2010 12 AM EST Deadline click the link and join Acme People Search. Be sure to check your email for your confirmation email. Then login to your Acme People Search back office and click on the PNL link “Lock in Your Position Now”. It is not necessary to complete steps 1 to 3 for the Acme People Search membership unless you also want to join APS.

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