future of affiliate marketing
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by Leader Nancy Pelosi

ACME Phone Leads, the Future of Affiliate Marketing!

Article by Zachary Mead

A Milestone in Affiliate Marketing!

The recently launched ACME Phone Leads is causing a stir in the world of affiliate marketing. So, what’s it all about? Acme Phone Leads, or APL for short, works by allowing its users to advertise local affiliated businesses, giving them a unique toll-free phone number for their ad campaign. And whenever that phone number rings, the affiliate who advertised it receives a commission.

Now the greatest thing about this system is the unprecedented payout rates. The base rate starts off at for a five-minute call, and ranges all the way up to , that’s right, up to per call! This makes it the only affiliate system giving back over 90% to its users.

“The local marketing industry for small enterprises will increase to 5 billion by 2013.”

Businesses around the world are coming to realize the promise of affiliate marketing, and what it can do for them. Already there are over 200 affiliated businesses, with more joining by the day. This is a new frontier for affiliates, bringing them the incredible opportunity of offline marketing. For example, users can set up a deal with their choice of business and advertise them using pamphlets, billboards, posters, fliers… the possibilities are endless! The business will grow, allowing the users to earn commission. And because this system is going local, there is literally little to no competition.

For those who live outside the US, APL has over 200 (and growing) inbuilt offers where affiliates can select from pre-negotiated deals and advertise them online instead. Using PPC, article marketing, traffic exchanges, press releases etc just imagine how many calls this system could make for a lawyer, plumber, dentist or practically any business.

And beside from working to help businesses grow, affiliates have the opportunity to earn referral commissions. For every direct referral they make they will receive per month. So say an affiliate gets just 3 referrals, that’s 3×25 = in commissions they will earn, every month. And what’s even more impressive; for each referral that their referral makes the affiliate receives an extra a month, yes that right, for affiliates direct referral and for every referral they make, and for every referral they make, all the way down 5 levels.

ACME phone leads is undoubtedly proving itself to be an honest and solid product.. A good solid product speaks leagues for itself, far more so than any fancy words or all that “get rich quick” schemes that seem to plague the market these days. ACME Phone Leads is free to join, allowing users to have a look around the back office and see the product for themselves; making it absolutely risk-free. APL even has its own forum designed purely to teach and develop its users marketing skills.

With so many opportunities, this program is absolutely taking OFF. Why not try it out for yourself?

About the Author

Check it out at http://www.acmephonebiz.com

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