WICHITA, KS (PRWEB) March 24, 2004 –

– Cheaters’ days are numbered. ACME Telephonic, L.L.C. has released its flagship Dial-A-Cheater service offering which allows people to schedule telephone calls which appear to originate from any chosen CallerID and play a selected recording to the called party.

Using the service as recommended by ACME Telephonic, test users reported 100% effectiveness in discovering the truth about their mate’s commitment. According to a customer who elected to share her story, “Dial-A-Cheater proved what I couldn’t. After he answered the call I scheduled, I asked him who it was. He lied. I totally busted him out. He was cheating with my best friend!”

According to Paul Smith, Manager of ACME Telephonic, “The cell phone has made cheating rampant, but our Dial-A-Cheater service turns the cheater’s cell phone into their biggest liability. If you cheat, now you have to wonder every time your phone rings if the call is real or a test of your fidelity.”

“Our goal is to end the pain and suffering caused by cheating.” Smith added.

About ACME Telephonic, L.L.C.

ACME Telephonic is a leading provider of innovative telecommunication services based on patent-pending technologies.

Contact Information:

Burton Tims

ACME Telephonic, L.L.C.

TEL: 316-350-1120

FAX: 316-219-5384



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