phone leads driving traffic
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by brizzle born and bred

How to drive traffic to your website using cell phones

Article by Ron Sang Kibz

This is the newest,innovative and most effective technique i have ever heard or seen.As we all know website traffic generation has always been the firewall to any new online marketer.Even the experienced marketer, they will always tell you how they easily generate traffic yet spending massive amounts of money to get them.This is one of the things that does not always fall into any internet newbie’s “to do” list.

But then, thank God for technology.Now we have cellphones.Almost 5billion people use cellphones compared to 1.8 billion who use computers.Now picture this; what tools must you always walk out of your house with? Definitely you keys and what else? Your cellphone! yes that’s right.

In fact lets look at this from another angle.According to Los Angeles times, the average time a regular person spends on a cellphone is 16 hours compared to 8 hours for people who use computers, and remember only for those who work in offices that require PC usage.

When it comes to driving traffic to our websites, occasionally we base ourselves on using the internet alone and maybe if we can go old school then flier distribution is put into action, but we have never ventured into the cellphone marketing which if you haven’t realized can reach billions and is more powerful than TV advertising.

So how does cellphone marketing work? OK here i’l just give you a sneak peak.

Successful internet marketers will always tell you that the money is in the list.Is that right? Yes it is. But then getting prospect to sign up to your list can be the most devastating thing ever. You must be very convincing to them and make them really believe they’ll need to put their name and email to get that free stuff you are offering.

So here is what cellphone marketing comes to play.Lets say for example you write an article about your niche, and usually in the resource box you put our website link that will then lead visitors our affiliate links.So how about if we replaced the website link and laced your cellphone number? for example;

* For more information on (niche) call 1234567890

In the above case the visitor will read your article and call the number. Even if you don’t pick the call the number will be stored.The best thing about this caller is that he/she is a unique visitor and with interest.He/she is calling for information.Here is where you play your role.Send them a message and give them your website sign ups link telling them in order to access the product they should enter their details.You also have a chance to call them.

For me this is the newest and the best way to drive traffic to your website and make sales like its no business.

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