The Motorola Droid advertising campaign is in full swing, and I’m sure by now you’ve seen the commercials, if not you can see the commercial below. Basically, the campaign is all about taking digs at the iPhone while showing Motorola’s support for the Android OS.

If you’re un-familiar with the Droid, it’s the first Android-based smartphone that will be sold exclusively by Verizon Wireless. Why is this fact important? Verizon currently has more than 86 million wireless subscribers, and will be the largest wireless carrier to date to support an Android-based device.

Is Motorola’s Droid an iPhone killer? Let us know your thoughts

Some Apple fans aren’t taking the "Droid Does" campaign very well, as they’ve created their own take/spoof of the commercial, you can see it below.

Can the Droid succeed, by knocking off the iPhone, where so many other smartphones have failed (I’m looking at you Blackberry Storm and Palm Pre)? Let us know what you think.

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