At 24.17 minutes into the presentation. I let out a

“You’ve GOT to be F#$#$#$#$ kidding me”

So I rewound it.

No – they’re not kidding.

My little marketers heart leapt with joy.

First, A question.

“When was the last time you updated your Facebook Profile”

NO NO NO NO – not status updates, or photos or Farmville.

Your ACTUAL profile – you know your favourite movies, books, likes, hobbies etc

Yes – you’ve done this – you’ve probably forgotten about it, I mean with all those fields to tend in Farmville.

You see, most people did this when they joined up and have not updated it since.

I know I haven’t in ages – (I haven’t added in Justin Beiber for example in my favourite artists section… KIDDING!)

Next question (sorry I’m making you work hard but trust me – it’s worth it)

“How does Facebook make their cash?

Hint, it’s exactly the same way that google does…

Pay per click advertising.

But it’s VERY different pay per click advertising.

It’s not based on a phrase that you type ala Google

Facebook PPC based on your demographics, your likes, your favourite movie…

You know – the data you’ve not updated SINCE YOU JOINED!!!!!!

(Are you smelling the coffee…..)

So today, Facebook announce, with the addition of a single line of code, you can “like” a news story, a movie on imdb, a music track on pandora…

IN AN ACT OF SHEER PSYCHOLOGICAL BRILLIANCE – the little line of code puts up a little picture of YOUR friends who’ve also “liked” that thing on the web. Robert Cialdini (author of Influence, the definitive guide to decision making triggers) must have weeped with joy at the social engineering (Note – I love this, I’m not sure others will…)

Facebook point out – liking something up untill today or tweeting or foursquaring was a temporary blip, if your friends happened to log in the last three hours they MIGHT have seen it. Let’s face it, if you tweeted it’s a crapshoot on a numbers basis if your friends actually see anything.

(Stay with me – this story has a FREIGHT train ending)

So when you click the new “Like” Facebook button, being very helpful and all, Facebook will update your permanent profile with your new like.

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEY UPDATE YOUR PROFILE (your news feed to – but forget that -as of today it’s irrelevant) – the PROFILE of your LIKES!

To Quote myself…

“You know – the data you’ve not updated SINCE YOU JOINED!!!!!!”

The same data facebook and people like me use to TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISING ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FRESH UP-TO-DATE DATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a smart marketers wet dream. Seriously it’s the marketing equivalent of Hedi Klum walking into my study right now and saying (In that awesome German tingend English) “you know vhat tubby balding short guys are… now…in – let’s get bos….”

If Facebook implement as described, marketers will have completely up-to-date data to craft their advertisements.

I’m a marketer and proud of it. This is brilliant, I want to give you a directly targeted marketing experience. With fresh demographic data based on likes -I can do that. SWEEEET.

(SIDE NOTE – This also drops Facebook in the middle of the local advertising game – you YELP, you update your facebook PROFILE automatically, I can then create an Ad based on the fact that you “liked” KFC  -someone pinch me, I’m still in the dream with Hedi)

People are going to freak out about this and it’s a shame – Facebook does not expose YOUR data specifically – only people who you’ve given permission to as a friend will actually see your profile and I can see this being fantastic way of really keeping in touch – how many of my friends liked “Hurt Locker” for example – that’s the next step of Facebooks evolution, it makes sense. The lads at Facebook GET this.

BUT if “likes” gets significant take up – they may just rival google and perhaps be even more influential. Google knows about phrases, Facebook knows about you…


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