Google has announced a new filter for advertisers running brand campaigns, to allow their ads to only show on AdSense sites ranked among the top 1,000 largest on the web, as defined by the DoubleClick Ad Planner. Google says this will ensure ads reach a large number of users, but only on well-known sites "best suited for branding goals."

"It’s important to note that the Ad Planner 1000 does not take performance statistics into account, and that by enabling this filter, you may be excluding many sites that are relevant to your advertised products," says Katrina Kurnit of Google’s Inside AdSense Crew. "Additionally, with this or any of our other brand filters enabled, your campaign will run on fewer sites, so you may need to raise your bids if you’d like to maintain your impression levels. We recommend experimenting to determine which feature or combination of features best meets your goals."

"We hope this new feature gives you greater control and assurance over where your ads appear and makes the Google Content Network an even more powerful environment for effective branding campaigns," says Kurnit.

To activate the filter, advertisers should select "none Ad Planner 1000" in the category filters section of their AdWords account.

The new filter is only one of the new features Google has introduced, which integrate DoubleClick Ad Planner data with other Google ad solutions. There is also a new Export to AdWords feature and a list creation tool, which lets you store sites and placements in lists for future use.

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