Miley Cyrus deleted her 2 million follower Twitter account last week and has posted a rap video on YouTube telling her fans exactly why. The video which was posted Friday already has over 1 million views. 

The Rap goes approximately like this:

Yeah, the rumors are true I deleted my Twitter

 Can you believe it, I got to 2 million!

I say adios, I have to say good-bye

And this little rap is to tell my fans why

No it wasn’t because my friends told me to

You all know very well what you say I don’t do

The reasons are simple I started tweetn’ about pimples

I stopped living for moments and started living for people

Yeah you write what your doing but who really cares

If I’m playing with Noah or just doing my hair

Everything that I type and everything that I do

All those lame gossip sites take it and they make it news

I want my private life private, I’m done tryin to please

I aint live n’ for tabloids, No, I’m live n’ for me

No more emo quotes and fake feuds with Demi

Yeah, I’m done with all that and the truth is I’m too busy

I gotta admit I miss Dane Cook’s tweets

And I really like lookn’ at Katy Perry and Brittany!

I might have some withdrawals, I was a little obsessed

But I’m peace n’ out and I’m leavin with this … Good-Bye






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