With the holiday season on the way, online retailers are obviously going to be looking for big sales. A lot of retailers are turning to Facebook and Twitter to help in that department, but if you sell goods online, there’s no better place to start than on the site itself.

Amazon, probably the most successful online retailer there is, knows this, and that is one reason why it has prepared for an influx of holiday shoppers by creating its own Holiday Toy List. Amazon knows what people are going to be looking for, and it has put together this list to make finding these things as easy as possible. It’s not just a list, but a page that points to these items.

“The Holiday Toy List is a helpful tool for parents, friends and family members who are searching for the perfect toys for the kids on their list,” says Sarah Wood, director of the Toy Store for Amazon.com. “With navigation that’s simple, convenient and fun to use, it’s easier than ever to find great gifts at Amazon’s everyday low prices.”

Not only has Amazon created the page, but they have promoted it. They have issued a press release for news organizations and bloggers to pick up, which should give the list plenty of coverage. It will likely lead to increased sales on popular items.

Now, granted, not everyone can put out a press release and expect to get the kind of coverage Amazon does. Amazon’s huge. Your online business is probably not quite so big. That doesn’t mean you can’t put special focus on the items you expect to sell the most during the holiday season and promote them in other ways.  You may still issue a press release, but you can simply use social media marketing, search marketing, email marketing, etc., but have a focused landing page where customers can easily find what they want, or what you expect them to want.

This may seem like common sense, and perhaps it is, but there is a lot of competition online, and if you are not focused on promoting what has the best chance of bringing you business, you may not be getting the sales you’re after.

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