It’s time to start optimizing your web content for the big screen. Here at Google I/O, as I’m sure you’ve heard, Google announced the much-anticipated Google TV. Naturally, search plays a big role in the service, particularly in the form of the Quick Search Box.

Here are a few things to think about if Google TV really takes off:

– Optimizing video content is going to be more important than ever – not just optimizing the content itself, in terms of quality, but making your videos visible in search results in Google and YouTube.

– Simply making sure your site looks good on big screen TVs. Google made the analogy of optimizing a site for mobile. This will be a similar undertaking. Basically, you want to make sure your content looks good no matter what kind of screen you’re viewing.

– Much more searching with Google. Consider how much people watch their TVs. Now Google is right there, accessible from their TV remote. If you thought Google had a great deal of market share before, imagine how many more searches Google would get from the TV set, if this thing really takes off.

– Having an Android app will be more critical than it already is. Android apps will be accessible via Google TV. This is another way to get to viewers right in their living room.

Obviously as Google TV was only announced Thursday, we really don’t know the full effect it will have on the industry, or on search, but it has the potential to be a huge deal. A game changer in a variety of capacities.

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