Do you know who Matt Goss is? If you’re an American, there’s a good chance that you don’t. Still, in some places, like his British homeland, he is a star. He’s sold 16 million records with his group Bros, which also featured his twin brother Luke. He’s been making records for about 20 years.

Goss will probably be the first to tell you that he’s not a superstar in the U.S. It says right on his official site that he comes to America an "unknown." But he is hoping to change that. He’s already been headlining shows at Palms in Vegas.

Goss is using social media to help build his career in the United States. He uses Twitter specifically to reach out to fans. He says he likes the immediacy of it. He likes that you can say something and get 100 responses back in 15 minutes. He likes that he can connect with his fans and get so many different perspectives. He’ll ask people about a song or a video, and what they would change about it. He clearly aims to be a crowd pleaser – the perfect type for Vegas.

He has even called upon fans to pick what song they wanted to see released as a single.

"People actually have a voice now," he says. "Propaganda is not as relevant as it was when all you had was propaganda and what you read, you had to believe almost. Now the individual and the common man can have a voice."

Goss believes there are times when "heavy" messages are appropriate with a tool like Twitter, but thinks it is also a way to escape and have some enjoyment. Either way, he likes that there is no middle man, and notes the importance of accountability. I guess Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson did not attend Matt’s session at BlogWorld.

Time will tell if Matt’s efforts in social media will transfer his stardom to the States, but either way, you can tell he’s enjoying trying.

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