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Without traffic your totally screwed and the internet would not exist.

3 New Traffic Sources that are Similar to

Google Adwords…..but Cheaper

FACT: You need to “get” traffic to make money on the internet…

Facebook, Adwords, Myspace, TrafficVance – these are all examples of of “Self Serve Media Platforms”

3 Things I want to tell you in Today’s Blog Post…… including how to reach me on the phone!


Here are the 3 New Traffic Sources that I Highly Recommend….. NOTE: Traffic is still VERY CHEAP and these traffic sources ALL work similar to Google Adwords!  I’ll be providing you with more updates throughout the summer on how to monetize Rare Traffic Sources..

Right now I recommend joining them and doing ’small tests’… If you know how to use Adwords then they will not be hard for you to figure out…. you can use them to promote your own products, services, cpa offers, affiliate programs, whatever..

The most recent traffic source I started testing is Trellian.. It’s “easy” to get traffic from… and it works well with misspelled Domain names.   I highly recommend checking it out:

(btw.. Trellian GUARANTEES to index your website URLs that you submit through their service within 48 hours.   You can get a lot of cheap traffic form this source right now… )

The second traffic sources is TrafficVance…Traffic volume is Fast, Furious, and Cheap…. Trust me on this one:  If you learn how to properly monetize Traffic Vance you can make BIG MONEY right now….I currently use TrafficVance to build niche lists…

Tip: Download ‘Gamevance’ and then SPY on trafficvance ads to see what other advertisers are doing… you will get ideas this way…

Tip: TrafficVance is *great* for promoting product launches.. because you can intercept launch traffic!   you bid on the “guru” URLS…

Adoori – great place to buy International traffic by Domains, Keywords, and Country…

You can get 30 million visitors through pop unders everyday across the world. Adoori has a lot of traffic particularly in the US, Canada, the UK, Western Europe and Eastern Europe.

I’ll be releasing more free, useful content on this blog throughout the summer….. so stand by!

Please reply with a comment below if there is anything in particular you’d like to learn…


Now for the light Salesy stuff….

My Traffic Dojo training Re-Opens for a VERY SHORT PERIOD on Monday June 21st, 2010…

I wont leave this long open… mainly because I want to enjoy my summer and continue with underground ‘traffic experiements’…

My passion is driving traffic.. not selling products..I find all this “Guru” product selling stuff overwhelming…

Making UNDERGROUND MONEY is where it’s at… TRUST ME!

Inside Traffic DOJO you get a huge list of Rare Traffic Sources + Techniques and Concepts that I use to turn profits with ‘em..

Our Customer forum is full of useful nuggets, tips, and techniques from customers that are making money….

My Operations Manager has answered over 500 Questions in the Forum and even answers personal emails…

I’ve put a lot of energy into this product and a lot of my customers are generating profits because it was designed to convert customers into profitable customers..

So if you missed out.. Stay Tuned for the relaunch…


Last thing:

Have you heard of Keith Baxters “EPIC Traffic System” yet?

If not I highly recommend watching the FREE Videos on the Google Content Network, Social Traffic, and a ton of other “traffic”ish stuff….. There are lots of useful Nuggets inside the FREE Videos he offers.. .

Here is the link:


I’ve been talking to Keith via email for 1.2 years now.. This year at  Amish Shah’s Magic Bullet Traffic Conference Keith and I sat beside each other on stage during a live “Traffic Q&A”…

He owned a CPA Network and is a total COWBOY when it comes to TRAFFIC…. I TRUST his advice on TRAFFIC 100%…..

Since “everyone ” is talking about his upcoming launch I’ve decided to offer a Bonus to anyone who purchases via my link…..

You get a copy of Traffic Dojo + 31 Minute Coaching call from me…. I believe this is the most valuable Bonus out there, obviously

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I will be most likely be Drinking a Beer in a Foreign location AND giving you the BEST POSSIBLE ADVICE I CAN on Traffic… For the past 6 years My Condo, Car, Flights, TV, Furniture, Food, Living Expenses have all been paid for by Traffic.  I understand Traffic.

If you are interested in my EPIC TRAFFIC BONUS then email me at ninjappc@gmail.com with EPIC BONUS in the title and I’ll give you more details.

If you havent heard about this system I highly recommend taking advantage of the FREE prelaunch content… You’ll learn how to make money with:


I checked it out and you also get a lot of cool stuff about:

  • How to Generate Facebook Cash and Paid Ad Secrets
  • Bookmarketing and Social Link Building on Auto-Pilot
  • Underground Social Media Traffic Tactics

They also talk about Facebook, YouTube, Social Bookmarking and Twitter for traffic and profits.

These guys are total TRAFFIC GEEKS that you can learn from…


Remember: If you are interested in my bonus email me at ninjappc@gmail.com with EPIC BONUS in the title and I’ll give you more details.

I 100% guarantee you this is the best “NON GURU ” bonus out there…

Talk soon,



Enjoy the traffic sources!

I’d love it if you posted a comment on my Blog.. It’s my first post, so, you know…

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