This week, Foursquare (the popular web2.0 game / social networking tool) forgot to renew its domain name – causing its site to go down as the domain went into the Redemption Grace Period.

As we know from the Domain Lifecycle video – THAT is a big deal…

Foursquare has recently been valued as high as $80,000,000 USD – and its domain is currently a PageRank 7.

Although in this case the mistake was corrected long before the domain could be offered to the public, if Foursquare wasn’t such a high-profile site with thousands of loyal users who made sure the problem didn’t go unnoticed, then I’m sure that someone who had on backorder would be very very happy to soon own their heavy-hitting domain.

This goes to show how super-high-value domains expire (and are snapped up) every day…

Sometimes it’s because of an oversight (like with Foursquare), sometimes because of bankruptcies or organizations disbanding, and sometimes because a domain owner just doesn’t want to continue with that web-site (and perhaps they don’t realise the SEO or monetary value of their own domain.)

That’s where today’s first video comes in…

How to Backorder Aged Domains

In this video, Kenny shows the strategy he uses to backorder domains (essentially, reserving a domain for yourself if the current owner lets it expire.)

Click here to view the embedded video.

The beauty of Kenny’s strategy is that it gives you the maximum chances of picking up a domain when it expires, it helps to reduce the chances of the domain going into an uncertain auction process, AND you don’t pay a cent unless one of these services is able to successfully snatch the name for you on backorder when it becomes available.

Note: Any registered domain can be backordered, however in Kenny’s example he mentions that the domain he’s backordering, he has noticed will be expiring soon.

To check when a domain in your niche is due to expire, do a whois search on the domain and look at the expiration date. (This date refers to the date the domain expires – not the day it becomes available again. See the Domain Lifecycle video if you’re unsure what I mean here.)

Although it’s important to know how to check a domain’s expiry date by hand, it can be a time consuming process to search through all of the high quality domains that are currently registered in your market to work out which ones are expiring soon.

So in the next few days we’ll show you some tools that Kenny uses to speed up the process, allowing you to search for domains that are due to expire soon and focus your efforts on those domains.

Finding Aged Domains to Buy Immediately

If you have no time to wait for your backordered domain to come through, and you want an Aged Domain right now, this video is for you.

In it, Kenny takes us through the manual process of finding and purchasing an Aged Domain, and shows you how you can do it yourself.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Listen carefully as he goes through the domains – touching briefly on what he believes an expensive price is for a domain, and explaining his last-minute bidding strategy that keeps his purchases under the radar when he’s buying at auctions. (It’s worth watching these parts a few times to make sure you have it all.)

Note: If you’re searching for domains with high PageRank, and manually checking the PageRank of domains listed, make sure you do your due diligence verify the PageRank is correct before you buy. Otherwise, you risk buying a dud.

Some domains will “fake” their PageRank scores to appear more valuable than they are. (Yes it’s possible, and evil – a fake PageRank gives you no SEO benefit.) There’s a simple way to verify the PageRank of a domain. Kenny is just producing a video to show you how to do this right now, and we’ll get it in your hands as soon as it’s ready.

Again – it’s important to know how to do all of this manually – but, just like with Keyword Research or SEO Analysis, gathering data by hand can be a time consuming process.

So we’ll also show you some tools you can use to automatically check the PageRank (including whether or not it’s been faked), domain age, backlinks and more.

How to Buy a New Dynamite Domain Name

Finally, to round-out today’s videos, Kenny gives us an over-the-shoulder look at the simple process he follows to register new domains by hand (including what he does when the keyword dot com is not available)

Click here to view the embedded video.

Again, searching for domain names takes time. So to help you out here, we want to show you some free tools that we use to speed up the process of finding and registering domains – to help you register domains for yourself, or just to keep your competitors out of your market.

…That’s coming up soon too.

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