Here’s some very smart SEO / link-building software that we didn’t create – but I wish we did…

The 30-Second Summary for Busy People…

Michelle MacPhearson released some very smart new SEO software this week.

It “reverse engineers” Google’s results pages while you watch…

Then it gives you a blueprint showing the top high authority, keyword relevant sites to target for backlinks that will improve your rankings.

And you can get it free here. (Yes, it works on both PC and Mac.)

Note: Expect to leave your name and email address in exchange for your copy, but that’s it… The software is free – no upsells to an “advanced version” or one-time offers on signup – once you’ve entered your email address, the software’s free.

What Makes The “Rank Decoding Engine” So Cool?

When I first used it, I was impressed with the “Rank Decoding Engine” because it’s so simple – but so clever.

What the software does is simply show you the sites that consistently rank well in Google – in your specific niche, or in general.

These are the sites that Google recognizes as the most trusted, high authority, most relevant websites…

  • Trusted sites;
  • High authority sites;
  • Relevant to your niche.

Finding sites that tick all three boxes is like finding the holy grail of link building. These are the places to get the best backlinks (links back to your site) if you want top rankings.

So simple, and so clever.

That’s what impressed me about Michelle’s software.

(And I’m kicking myself that I didn’t think of it first! “Authority Link Finder Samurai” has a nice ring to it, don’t you agree?…)

So why do high authority, relevant backlinks matter?

Because Google says so.

Google wants to see links pointing to your site from other high authority sites in your market before it gives you top rankings.

Take it from them:

“Thematic incoming links from authority sites carry more weight than on-page optimization”

Matt Cutts (Google Engineer and unofficial Google SEO Spokesman)

“Google interprets a link from Page A to Page B as a vote from Page A to Page B. Votes cast by pages that are themselves important weigh more heavily and help make other pages important”

Google on Creating a “Google-Friendly Site”

So targeting the most trusted, high authority sites in your market for link building can give you the biggest bang for your link building buck.

That’s why Michelle’s Rank Decoding Engine software is so valuable.

How to Download the Rank Decoding Engine:

To get Michelle MacPhearson’s new Rank Decoding Engine, you’ll need to sign up here:

Get the Rank Decoding Engine
(For Mac and PC.)

You’ll be asked for your name and email address, but that’s it… The software is free – there are no upsells to an “advanced version” – it’s just free.

(After you’ve received your download link, make sure you watch the video on the download page. It explains in detail how the software works, and gives you an action plan for how to use it on your site.)

Once you’ve downloaded it, read on…

3 Samurai Tips for Using the Rank Decoding Engine…

When you begin using the software, there are 3 Samurai tips I recommend you use to get the most value out of the Rank Decoding Engine.

1. Watch What Happens…

If you already own the full version of Market Samurai, don’t forget to use it to track your rankings!

You should be doing this before and after any SEO activity.

(After all – you can’t optimize something if you’re not measuring it!)

Before you begin, put your main keywords and URLs into Market Samurai’s Rank Tracker so that you can watch your rankings as they rise.

Not only is it encouraging when you see your site’s rankings rise, it also reinforces that what you’re doing is actually working.

2. Get the Right Keywords

The Rank Decoding Engine will check up to 10 of your keywords to show you which sites consistently rank well in your niche.

Rather than picking keywords randomly, get Market Samurai to show you the keywords that Google thinks are most relevant to your main niche keyword.

Because you’ll be asking Google for both the most relevant keywords in your niche (through Market Samurai), and the most relevant sites to those keywords (through the Rank Decoding Engine), you can be sure that the sites you’re targeting for backlinks are the most relevant high authority sites in your niche.

To find the keywords that are most relevant to your main keyword, enter your main keyword into Market Samurai’s Keyword Research module and select 10 of the most closely related keywords that Market Samurai generates for you.

Tick the boxes to the left of the keywords, then select “Actions on selected” then “Copy tags (comma separated)” and paste the keywords into the Rank Decoding Engine.

3. Build Feeder Pages

Rather than just focussing on the quickest easiest links (e.g. blog commenting), spend some time building “feeder pages”…

No doubt you’ll find a bunch of web 2.0 and user generated content sites in the mix where you can upload your own content (and put backlinks to your site inside the content.)

It might take a little longer to write and upload an article, but it has a double benefit for SEO.

Not only is this valuable for backlinks, it also gives you “feeder pages” – content on other high authority sites that have a good chance of ranking well themselves, and driving even more traffic to your site.

…But of course, you’ll need Michelle MacPhearson’s Rank Decoding Engine first to do all this (here).

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