It’s hard to keep up with how quickly technology is advancing. From cellphones with internet access, to notebook thin laptops, to IPod touches with music, videos, navigational features, you name it, communicating is becoming amazingly simple and affordable.

The use of video web conferencing is especially growing. The ability for businesses to communicate face to face makes it easier to stay more connected and personal. And best of all, meeting online is fast and drastically cuts travel costs.

But is video web conferencing a necessary technology for your business? And should you invest in it now or later?

With any new technology, prices start out high. Only 5 years ago, video conferencing equipment was very expensive and could cost as much as $15,000 or more for minimal functionality. And the quality was at best marginal. But the technology has dramatically improved and is now affordable for businesses of all sizes. Because most conferencing services are now web-based, the cost is low because there is no server space to pay for.

However, the biggest advantage is that it cuts expensive travel costs and saves valuable time. Most conferencing services pays for itself in less than 3 months.

So what types of companies use video conferencing? All types – the list is really endless.

If your business has more than one location or site, then you can use web conferencing to communicate with customers and co-workers across town or across the globe. You’ll also have the ability to collaborate together just like you would in person and be able to see and read the person you are working with. Email communication can be misunderstood and teleconferences can be impersonal at times.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars traveling for meetings or sales conferences, you can meet with multiple people in multiple locations online. So why not consider implementing video web conferencing in your business today? In this tough economy, the timing is perfect. You’ll be able to cut costs, save time, and keep your competitive edge.

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