Every company, large or small is bound by its budget. When it comes to choosing a web conferencing product, however, the subject of pricing is not that simple. Even the most basic web conference service offers diverse options. This means not only differences in the type of web conferencing products available, but also differences in pricing structure.

Free Web Conference Services

It is not difficult to find a free web meeting product. A quick search online will turn out at least half a dozen of free meeting software options. Users must however understand that there are limitations to these offerings. These may include the number of users to the amount of guaranteed attendees, and lower image quality. With some providers ‘free’ actually means a trial offer with an option to buy at a later time. With some providers the free web conferencing product is a basic version of the paid option which they will also offer for more discerning customers.

Pricing Structures

From the outset it is important to understand that there are hosted and on premise options for web conference tools. In terms of functionality there is not much difference between the two. The main difference is whether you are accessing the service online or hosting it yourself in house. In fact it usually comes down to the service provider and the quality of their web conferencing product.

Hosted options can range anywhere from under a hundred to a few hundred each month. This can be adjusted upwards or downwards depending on the company and the size of the meeting rooms. A simple search for web conferencing providers or hosted web conferencing online will return a listed of providers. There are also a number of sites that provide detailed comparison of features and pricing for available solutions.

Other than the main difference of monthly fees or a one time payment between hosted and on-premise solutions, pricing for web conference services are usually dependent upon the number of attendees, the number of users, and premium features options. Often, web meeting providers would offer bundle packages at additional discounts.

Do a web conferencing comparison to understand the difference between conference solutions and how and if the features meet the company’s needs. Having established what is needed and which solutions work best, it is easier to make a final selection based on budget.

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