Web conferencing enables people to take part in a web meeting. Web conferencing may be carried out for conducting sales presentations, product demonstrations, training sessions, etc. through the Internet. Internet conferencing is an ideal way for hosting live online meeting and interaction sessions. There are several web conferencing software that are used for web meetings. WebEx, Dimdim, MegaMeeting, Yugma, Oracle, Microsoft, etc. are some of the most renowned and high-end web conferencing software that are used for Internet conferencing and for conducting web meetings. Some of the online conferencing software that have been mentioned also aid in open source web conferencing. If you host web meetings using different web conferencing software, you’ll be able to arrive at a suitable web meeting comparison. Web conferencing entails each meeting attendee to sit at their own computer while being linked to everyone else through the Internet.

Web conferencing permits you to collaborate online with several people in real time. Most good web meeting software enables you to demonstrate various product features and processes through PowerPoint presentations. Online conferencing can be integrated with VoIP, audio and video so that you can have an effective combination of web conferencing and video conferencing known as web video conferencing. Web meeting software is sophisticated enough to come with whiteboard facilities so that you can explain relevant details to attendees sitting far away. The text chat facility of online conferencing software permits question answer sessions to be conducted in the web meeting. Multipoint web conferencing is generally extremely productive and useful for all the participants. Online conferencing permits screen and desktop sharing. The ‘remote desktop facility’ may be activated during online conferencing. This facility helps attendees to gain control over the presenter’s desktop. Attendees can manipulate parts of the presenter’s desktop if this facility is activated. Activation of the remote desktop control facility is particularly useful in web meetings where software training is being given. Here, trainees learn the various features of the software by seeing how it is used on the presenter’s desktop and by subsequently practicing on the presenter’s desktop (through the remote desktop control facility).

A web meeting has two distinct aspects to it. One is the presentation aspect, which can be successfully accomplished using cutting edge web conferencing software. The other is the planning, organizing, strategizing and executing aspect, which can only be accomplished by one software: the meeting planner. The meeting planner is a web-based application that organizes and classifies all meeting and conference data under different headings. The meeting planner is the real key to the meeting management process. A mind-blowing meeting requires a great agenda and valid and relevant meeting documents. The two meeting planners for meetings, conferences and events are listed in Wikipedia on the page Online diary planner. Out of the two, the first meeting planner is the best meeting planner as it has plenty of features and functionalities and comes free of cost! This particular meeting planner helps you to frame your agenda and upload all meeting data into it so that you can retrieve data from the application in no time. It provides end-to-end and turnkey solutions to the meeting management process. The meeting planner enables you to schedule meetings online, and share meeting data with key people, so that you can arrive at agreements without making phone calls or rising from your chair. The Events Calendar of this meeting planner reminds you of your appointments in case you forget about them. The meeting planner can be accessed from any computer or machine that’s connected to the Internet. This meeting planner for meetings, conferences and events, which is cited first by Wikipedia, is available to you for your use, free of cost. This meeting planner boosts and gives direction to the web conferencing process so that the web meeting can be a high-performance conference.

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