Web conference calling as the name suggests is a method of processing meetings and live presentations using an internet platform. It is different from discussion boards because it involves real-time and live meetings while the boards only allow text messages. It is only recently that video cameras and other techniques are being used for communication. Web conferencing is adopting similar techniques as those of the video and audio teleconferencing methods to enable people to hold business meetings.

A setup is needed for each of the involved participants and this includes a computer for every participant of which each should be connected to other participants through a fast-speed internet. A web conference call comprises features of an audio and video. The calling party shares what is on his screen with other participants so that they are able to see what is on the screen. The audio is included to the screen using VOIP or telephone equipments. The audio is really not a necessity however it is an efficient add-on.

Businesses that are not well versed with the new system of conferencing among other different kinds of advanced technologies find it hard to incorporate them into their businesses. Unfortunately conferencing is a growing trend and to stay in competition you need to do to adapt certain technologies. Web conferencing allows a business to break boundaries and venture into new areas of business; it provides economic arrangement of meetings, cut traveling costs and saves time.

Web conference calls are quite efficient on certain business sectors that depend on computers and other IT tools. Since it uses software applications and file sharing features it best used in all IT-based businesses. Web conferencing has proven to be efficient and effective; in addition it saves the company a great deal of money as well as time. Technology-based business find this type of technology extremely convenient and helpful, moreover many other different types of businesses have now incorporated web conferencing calling to meet their business needs.

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