Web conferencing is no longer a new thing among us especially teenagers who are fond of chatting online with other friends around the world. Programs such as Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger are some examples of those chatting tools used by them.

Compared to when form of conferencing was first introduced into the market, the price was very high and not everyone could afford it. Today however, webcams cost as low as $13 and most of them are equipped with built in microphones for audio as well. This makes it so much easier for an individual to set up his own method of online conferencing at home or in the office.

Why is this form of conferencing so popular? Well for one thing, it is much more interactive and fun compared to chatting and email mostly because it offers video and audio to its users. Users who communicate via web conferencing are able to see the other party face to face as well as hear them talk. In other words, it is just like any normal conversation you do just that now it’s online. With this form of conferencing, it also lets family members keep in touch easier as it can be done almost anywhere and anytime. A relative could just switch on the webcam and perform a conference with anyone he or she wants in a mere few seconds. It really is that simple.

Basic form of conferencing usually supports up to two individuals. However there are also web conferences that can support more than two parties at the same time. Therefore, three or more individuals can actually do a form of conferencing simultaneously. Individuals will be able to see the faces of the various parties they are communicating with on their screen as well as hear their voice. This feature proves very useful for corporate meetings whereby more than two people are usually involved.

One of the most important factors for a good web conferencing would be a stable internet line. This form of conferencing does not usually take up a lot of bandwidth but for web conferences that involve a lot of people, the bandwidth usage could slightly increase. Therefore to avoid any lag, a good internet connection should always be used.

The best part of holding a conference via the web is however would be the fact that it is actually free. All you need is a webcam and the proper software and a conference can be done in an instance. Unlike long distance phone calls that require you to buy IDD cards, form of conferencing actually cost nothing at all. The only expenses you have to bear with would be the webcam and your internet bill. Of course, you still need a computer for a conference of this sort to work.

This form of conferencing has definitely changed the way how everyone communicates online. People from around the world can now meet face to face and have casual conversations as if they were sitting in a caf

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