There are many diverse applications of web conferencing. It can provide reliable and effective means of communication between employees working in a virtual organization or it may be used for students to come together and discuss important notes regarding their study.

Let us enumerate here a few of the many scenarios where virtual meeting is playing an important role in filling communication gap:

Use of Web conferencing in a virtual business:

Virtual business has emerged as the trend of the new society. It is becoming more evident with each passing day that business owners cannot view their business as a local entity. The spreading of business across countries has made it a virtual experience, recruiting employees from far away places and giving employees the work from home option has created a need for effective communication between workers and leaders in a virtual environment. The important thing in a virtual leadership organization is to stay connected and be available for each other. The web conference software provide a convenient medium for communication between virtual leader and his staff members.

Use of Web Conferencing in Education:

Web conferencing has changed the scenario for education where more and more universities are coming forward with online study programs where the student is required to take his classes online over the internet. The papers are also taken in this way enabling students to complete their study programs without going to day universities where the major issue used to be class attendance. Many students also points out the importance of these kind of tools when assignments and projects are spread out globally apart among a team of virtual students.

Use of web conferencing among members of a family:

Now web conferencing can also be used to bridge the gap between families that are spread apart at different locations in the world. Parents may conveniently communicate with their children who have gone abroad for study or jobs. Even a family ceremony can be attended through video conferencing where people may talk to their loves ones that have not been able to attend the ceremony personally. This has brought about a very positive change in making the family bonds stronger and bringing love and joy in the lives of many lonely family members.

Use of web conferencing among friends for fun:

One more frequent use of the web conferencing may be among friends who get together in a web conference to chat away and have fun. Not having time to visit every friend separately or plan a get together virtually can provide a fun way for friends to catch up on their friendship.

These are only a few areas where web conferencing has played its magic, bringing ease and comfort to people’s life and making thousands of miles of distance disappear within seconds bringing people face to face with each other for business or other purposes.

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