Website Optimization is a complex issue, but should be known by every entrepreneur who wants to succeed on the internet.. Directories like Yahoo! and the ODP (Open Directory Project – show the page title and description that you entered.. The robots.txt file is a set of instructions for visiting robots (spiders) that index the content of your web site pages..

It is helpful for search results to reference the beginning of the collection of documents in addition to the page hit by the search.. Make your every page of your website 100 % specific to the user need..

Describe your images with the use of the alt tag.. Make sure that your site is returning a 200 OK code to the search engines.. Avoid using JavaScript or FLASH navigation.. As with any marketing campaign the first step in optimizing ANY web page is to know your target audience. Once you have determined which keywords best represent your web site, target these keywords on your web pages..

It is imperative that you nail who your target is before you do anything else. (h1, h2, h3, etc.) are a great place to use your keyword phrase and secondary keywords.. The same goes for the way you link from one of your pages to another

Search engines love sitemaps. Each web page HAS to be reachable within two clicks.

If you have original quality content on a site, you have a chance of generating quality links.. DMOZ and Yahoo! and other directories show that your page is related to the contentin that section of the directory.. Flash and search engines don’t mix well, but if you must use flash you should include alternate text that describes exactly what the Flash element includes.. lthough technically not SEO, Social Media is such a growing factor in getting your web site noticed, that its an important element to include in your plan..

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