This article spells out some internet web site marketing tips you can take home with you in order to get you started on earning money online. The problem with the internet is that everyday, end users are subjected to an information overload, millions of ads and books online are telling you a host of information that is confusing and sometimes contradictory. While the details are very important, many people forget the big picture, the simple aspects of getting the product and its message across to the cyberspace consumer.

Tip no 1. Produce a Good Product

Your product must be designed so that people will continue to rave about it. The cyberspace consumer is a different breed of customers, one that you must actively and continually attract the attention of. In essence, your product must literally sell itself, In addition to this important product attribute, all supporting write ups, testimonials and descriptions must anchor upon your products ‘saleability’.

Tip no 2. Identify your Market

You must remember to define and focus on the specific market you will be targeting to sell your product. Matching the wrong product to the wrong target market spells disaster and could lead you to floundering online and wondering why your sales figures and page hits have barely moved. There is such a thing as designing a product for the ‘highly excitable market’. If you have identified a market that is profitable and generates sales easily, you should design a product that appeals to them and keeps them coming back for more.

Tip No 3. Market, Market, Market!

Now, you should never just depend on people to come to your website just because it’s there. You could be selling a fantastic product but it would still be worthless if no one knew about it. Actively promote your website using the internet is a valuable commodity. Give out information freely, like e-brochures and e-books, linking back to your website. Viral marketing, affiliate marketing and utilising search engines are just some of the methods you should use to enhance the saleability of your product.

Your website should also have a winning and selling combination of a good design, good copy and excellent layout. Your website is your mouthpiece and essentially the salesman that would close the deals. A boring, convoluted website sells poorly, and it doesn’t bring across the message or the ‘hook’ that would eventually influence the purchasing decision.

Also, your domain name is extremely important. It decides the identity and brand of your product. I will advise you not to use free hosting and make an investment to get a proper web hosting service. The integrity of the website will determine the purchasing decision of the consumer who eventually visits your website.

Also, remember to build a database. This is akin to online ‘list building’ and is important in gaining a rock solid foundation of consumers you can repeatedly get your message across to, especially if new products and services are introduced. Design your website so that information can be collected, this usually includes names and emails, but always ensure the privacy of the end user. Another thing, always create multiple streams to your website, increasing the number of page hits, and thus increasing the chances of a sale.

These are just some of the unbeatable internet web site marketing tips. For more information, there are quite a few good sources out there. Try referring to a professional if you ever find yourself low on ideas.

By: Tristan Bull

About the Author:

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