If you build it, they will come. This may be true if you have the perfect field of dreams baseball park. But in affiliate web site marketing sales, just building a webpage, doesn’t mean potential visitors will come and buy from your affiliate links.

As an affiliate manager, it amazes me just how many basic one page website are started from what in the super affiliate Internet marketing promotion business are referred to as the “weekend affiliate warrior”. Some weekend affiliate warriors simply, enjoy the hobby of affiliate marketing; others have a dream of making thousands of dollars overnight. The facts are, that if you are disciplined and systematic with your affiliate web site from day 1, you can build a solid business, and develop one of the best affiliate web site marketing promotions business beginning on day one.

Affiliate Web Site Marketing Sales Tip #1

Affiliate Web Site Content is King: You need to focus your affiliate web site content to provide your audience a resource with specific information. A one page banner loaded page just isn’t going to draw visitors. What attracts the search engines (and therefore the visitors) to affiliate web sites is its informative content. So don’t just post banner ads, but write articles of advice on best ways to use the produce or service. Also think about recipes, how to guides and other use-full information that you could write about as unique affiliate web site content.

Affiliate Web Site Marketing Sales Tip #2

Build Word of Mouth Affiliate Marketing: The best super affiliate Internet marketing businesses use word of mouth affiliate marketing. There is a huge market for affiliate coupons and rebates sites. Some of the best super affiliate coupon web sites have gained their exposure through optimized press releases. Not only does this create a viral buzz with consumers but a good sit can achieve the ultimate goal of getting free large scale media coverage about their super affiliate marketing business. Consider building a refer-a-friend program. Perhaps you can market your service to a very specific niche. If you have a charitable cause that you wish to support, consider developing a site that gives a portion of its profit back, and let the charity know about it. Affiliate Web Site Marketing Sales Tip #3

Become A “Home Coming King”: One way to get your affiliate web site Internet marketing promotions business to the top of the search engine rankings is by becoming a “home coming king”.. “Home Coming Kings” gain lots of traffic by getting others to link back to you. The one with the most links wins. You can drive these links by providing content and choosing targeted keywords.. For an example, type in “miserable failure” in Google and you’ll see the top ranking result is George Bush on whitehouse.gov. This is the keyword that our president has won in link votes from the online website community.

Now that you understand why you want to become home coming king, let’s discuss some of the best strategies to winning these votes. You can write an article like this one and submit it to article directory sites. You can post in the comment sections of blogs and message boards. But the best links come from other targeted websites that you may need to ask to link to your site. One possible way is to come up with a trusted logo. This could be an award, or a seal of approval that others will post on their site which says that they are a trusted partner or that their product been reviewed by your site. Make sure your logo has a built in text link.. You’re now offering something of value to have other websites give you the votes to becoming the affiliate Internet web site marketing promotions business for your affiliate web site marketing niche.

So, if you build it, will they come? Yes, that is if you find your affiliate web site market niche through quality content, good value for visitors, and win your votes to becoming a home coming king. Try these three affiliate web site marketing sales tips and check out our super affiliate marketing tips blog and website below and you just may become the best affiliate Internet web site marketing promotions business for your online affiliate web site niche.

By: Brian Hawkins

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