In today’s business world you need a leg up on your competition. A web site marketing strategy is just the fix you need.

There are many businesses out there today with a website. Just about everyone has one and you should too. But, the problem is that most of those websites are not getting any visitors at all.

It’s great to have a website for your prospects to look at when after they meet you. But, what if you could attract more prospects for your business with your website?

A properly optimized website can bring you leads for years. But you need more than just that if you are going to win over your competitors.

You website should be like a direct marketing piece of mail. It should cover just about any question someone would ask about your business. Many people put up a website to look like a brochure. This is all well and good; however your website needs to sell for you.

It comes down to online marketing. When someone finds your website they will have questions from the start. If they find some of the answers they are looking for then you may have your contact form filled out or receive a phone call.

Attention spans on the internet are very short. You need information to keep your visitors at your website longer.

Many people feel that they are in effect giving away their secrets when they do this. This is simply not true. The internet is driven by information. If you don’t have it, you don’t get visitors, it’s that simple.

So how do you start to get people to take notice of your website?

The first and most simplistic thing is keyword research. This is the most well known strategy in all internet marketing circles. But, don’t feel bad if you do not know this. You can learn today. Just make sure you understand, this is the basis of what drives your website marketing.

Just head on over to and read all you find there. They key is to find what people are actually searching for on the internet and then plug those keywords into your website.

The above is what’s known as search engine optimization. However you shouldn’t just stop there.

Maybe your business is a local plumbing business. You goal should be to get prospects to your website from your local area.

One way to accomplish this would be to write articles and send them to high traffic websites from your area. You could write a nice informative article about plumbing and then send it over to your local news website and see if they want to publish your article.

The trick is to make sure you include your link at the bottom of your article. This way when someone reads your article, they find your link at the bottom and bingo they visit your website after they read what you have to say.

Ok, so you now have this great article and you want to send it out. But, how do you do that?

The first thing you need to understand is you need to respect reporters and webmasters time. When sending your article to them, first of all make sure it is relevant to what they want. Next, send it over with a nice letter and include your article in the body of your email.

Do not, include attachments ever. Most people will delete these for fear of viruses.

Email your article only once. These people are extremely busy and you do not need to keep bothering them or spam them. Just prepare a professional looking letter and find the right person to send your article too.

The next thing you could do is, finding websites that are relevant to your business. Just head on over to Google and type in keywords for your business. Then see if you can find websites that are similar to yours.

Once you find them, prepare another professional contact letter and ask them if they would like to publish your article. Just make sure the websites are from your local area. This way when a visitor reads your article and you have included your link. They will click on it and head straight over to your website.

This trick to all over this is sending you article out over time to as many places as you can find. 20 or 30 will not do the trick. Just pace yourself over a few weeks time and set some goals to do this.

You see, when you start to send out your articles. People will start to publish them on their websites. This in effect becomes a form of viral marketing that will bring you visitors for years to come.

By: Todd Jirecek

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