We need to implement certain selected keywords in our website optimization process in order to get targeted web site traffic. Let’s consider we have already discovered those keywords and now we want to use them for optimizing our site. We needs to see what changes should be applied to the site where such traffic is supposed to arrive.

Where to Deploy the Selected Keywords?

The page we choose to receive the visitors is our landing page. It should be optimized for search engines so that it receives the type of targeted traffic we are looking for. In addition to the fact that it is vitally important to have a search engine friendly site as a whole, such a landing page should be double checked for such compliance with the major search engines.

Also the site shouldn’t have been using any illegitimate methods or violating the best practices of search engine optimization so that landing page improvement could lead us to obtain what we intend to achieve.

Now, at this stage of website optimization, we should enhance the landing page by using the keyphrase selected during the initial keyword research explained at the previous article (1 of 3). Then, such keyphrase should be used at the title tag, alt tag, meta description and meta keywords, and headings 1, 2 and 3 of the page. Of course, if the keyphrase is used in the internal linking structure of the site, it could be very helpful for our purpose as well.

Well, most importantly, the page textual content should contain this phrase in a moderate manner in particular spots like the beginning of the page, the end of the page as well as the middle of the content. We shouldn’t stuff the page with repetitive phrases. One way to avoid this is to use synonyms or other parts of speech if possible.

SEO Copywriting Skill Helps You

To get targeted web site traffic, you need to know how to write your copy that both attracts human beings and search engines (website optimization). Peoples should not feel that it’s a meaningless repetitive accumulation of sentences that doesn’t talk to their hearts. Engines shouldn’t sense that it is a bunch of sentences stuffed with the same phrase trying to spam them or it the keyphrase lacks enough weight.

Therefore, delicate professional skill is required to write such copies. That is why a new guild of writers has emerged since the Internet and search engine rules have come to existence. These are the people who are specialized to get targeted website traffic to your pages using the keywords you supply to them. Of course, their work will be completed by other measures earlier explained at this article. Without optimizing the page source code, it will not be very likely to attract the same type of visitors you want to see at your site.

Is It All SEO Can Do to Attract Visitors?

Well, the answer is negative. Search engine optimization performs two series of methods to help a site get targeted web site traffic. They are called website optimization process or on-page SEO. There is a more important series of methods that are done outside your site, which are called off-page SEO.

Many SEO experts are working specifically to help their clients by increasing their link popularity, which is achieved through various methods like article marketing, press release marketing, etc. But, without an initial website optimization, off-page SEO cannot deliver its best results.

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