Suppose we have performed keyword research and website optimization for those keywords first. Now, it’s time to increase the link popularity of our site. Here, I explain the off-page SEO, the attempts outside our site to increase search engine rankings of our pages to get more desirable visitors.

What Are Off-Page SEO Measure?

Any efforts to improve our rankings by building link popularity of our site from outside our site can be called off-site or off-page SEO. In other words, building a series of valuable links containing our selected keywords on a regular and consistent manner from relevant sites or content-rich sites that point to our landing pages are helping us further succeed to get targeted website traffic.

Such efforts could mainly consist of content creating among some other measures like top web directory listings (Yahoo and DMOZ), authority sites’ links, etc. The one way links that can be obtained more quickly than other methods are links from article directories and press release sites. We should create content, include our links containing the selected keyphrases in them and submit them to the web so that our link popularity and consequently our search engine rankings soar. This will lead to the arrival of intended group of visitors to our site.

SEO Article Marketing Services

In order to achieve or increase targeted website traffic via articles, we can perform this part of optimization method ourselves or we can hire SEO copywriters or professional article marketing services to do it for us. What is done at this stage will be writing articles with the keywords already discovered in mind and implementing them at key positions. Then, optimizing them for search engines while they are still appealing and attractive to human readers. Submission to article directories and building link popularity is the last step of this stage.

When the engines like Google and Bing crawl the web for new content, they will find those articles that are related to the topic of our site having links back to our landing pages. So, they see new links to our site/blog. The meaning of every new link to our site for search engines is a new vote that we receive. So the more votes, the higher search engine rankings and link popularity we get for our site.

Of course it’s not only the quantity, but the quality of links are more important to get targeted web site traffic. This can be achieved through writing well-optimized valuable content.

SEO Press Release Marketing Service

Essentially what should be carried out here could be more or less the same measures done through article marketing services. Again search engine optimization techniques could play an extremely important role in obtaining high search engine visibility through press releases (PRs). If there’s any newsworthy story occurring at your company, website, etc, you can write a press release about it and submit it to PR websites to be picked up by news sites as well. Of course, writing news releases are different from articles and requires certain expertise.

Once you have a professional SEO service provider who can write appealing PRs about your online business and submit them to the web, you will get a lot of exposure on the internet and even among the journalists. Again, once the author incorporates the selected keywords at the key positions within the PRs and submit it to a good PR submission service, you will be very likely to get targeted website traffic.

In a nutshell, SEO can get you to the high positions in search engines in a natural way. This is done by discovering winning keyphrases, optimizing the landing pages for those pages and building link popularity outside your site pointing to those landing pages. Such efforts will lead you to get targeted website traffic sooner or later depending on competitiveness of the keywords and the efforts you put into this process.

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