You have written an absolutely fantastic e-book, put up a website and got a great domain name. You have done everything possible but your site sits there day after day with no visitors. What do you do?

Promotion and traffic generation is one of the major obstacles to making money online. Having a message and getting your message out there is all about getting visitors to your website. There are a lot of ways to generate traffic to your site and to get the best types of visitors- those who are ready make purchases immediately. This is one of the goals of any Internet marketer.

While there are a number of methods you can use, from pay-per-click to traffic buying services, knowing the types and what they can achieve will go a long way towards helping you make your decision.

Internet web site marketing techniques can range from being worthless scams designed to take your money, to targeted, keyword-focused methods to get visitors who are ready to buy products. So, naturally, you are probably looking for the latter.

First, scratch off the “almost worthless” type of traffic. These include pop-unders, guaranteed hits, surf traffic and banner impression traffic. These forms of advertisings are dated and generate almost nothing. Simply avoid these terms and you will not waste your time or money.

These forms of traffic generation are based on attaining an extremely high volume of 10,000+ visitors or more just to make one sale. If you are not prepared to purchase in high quantities – say, 1,000,000 or above, and to send them to a Squeeze Page, then this is not the way for you. A Squeeze page collects a person’s name and email address in exchange for an incentive report or offer.

Tracking is essential when you are attempting to build traffic. You want to know precisely where and how the person came to your site, so that you can duplicate things in order to increase traffic. For example, a keyword you use brings you 50 visitors in two days. You will want to duplicate that keyword or keyword phrase in order to drive higher traffic levels to your website.

Another way to track things would be if you paid for traffic and got 100,000 hits for $300. However, if that converted into $20 – $30 sales but your benchmark was $34 – $30 sales, it might not be a good advertising campaign worth repeating because you have fallen $400 short in result. After taking away your $300 investment, your profit will only be $300 instead of $700. While you did not lose money, another purchase from a different company may generate the necessary number of sales for the same amount of investment.

Knowing where your traffic is coming from is essential to your success. At the end of the month when you total up your revenue versus expenses, you want to be seeing profits. This is a given. However, if one campaign required a $200 outlay to make an income of $900, versus putting out $800 in order to make $1000 dollars, you will want to know what each one costs and the profit gained so that going forward will be beneficial for you.

You may invest $800 in the one that brought $700 profit instead of the one you had to pay $800 to make a $200 profit. It is all in the tracking. As you set up campaigns to get visitors, knowing these secrets will do more than simply attracting a broad spectrum of people to your website.

By: Pieter Van Der Gulik

About the Author:

Pieter van der Gulik is an authority on Web Traffic Sales Conversion providing valuable advice at where you can learn more about Internet Web Site Marketing. Click Here to gain access to FREE Online Marketing Success software and his FREE landing page optimization whitepaper.

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