So you have done it, you finally got your web site up, and ready for business. Now its time for you to sit back and watch those orders start rolling in . . . right? . . .Wrong! You now need to start proper web site marketing strategies to start driving the traffic to your site, to start generating the sales that you need. The internet is no different than the main street store. No traffic, no sales. Good web site marketing strategies designed for your business will ensure your web site’s success.

You are probably being bombarded daily with emails like “blast your web site to billions” and “top search engine rankings in 10 days”, if it was only so easy. On the internet you will find tens of thousands suggestions on web site marketing strategies, but the good news is, there are only a small handful of web site marketing strategies that really work, and these are all you need

Below I will list in my opinion the twelve web site marketing strategies that will work to drive traffic to your site.

1) An Autoresponder – To some of you reading, you may not yet know what an autoresponder is, but you need to get one, learn how to use it, as your online business grows, it will become you secretary, and will be building you list of prospects and customers so you can communicate with them often. Make sure your web site has an opt-in form where you visitors can join your newsletter.

2) Traffic Exchanges – You need to get traffic to your site and have your product or business exposed to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Join as many of these traffic exchanges as possible, surf for credits, or buy credits, and get some traffic to your site.

3) Forum Marketing – Join your industry specific online forms and start communication with other members and start exposing your web site to them.

4) Pay Per Click Advertising. Learn the PPC business and start running some ads. PPC advertising like Google Adwords, let you drive targeted advertising to your site immediately.

5) Classified Advertising – Start posting 5 online classified ads every day on a variety of online classified advertising sites. Web site marketing strategies like this and PPC allow you to get traffic to your site now, as you are waiting for some of the other methods to start working

6) Article Writing – Still one of my favourite web site marketing strategies. You’re reading this article right now, right? Maybe when you are done you will visit my site below, that’s how article writing works.

7) Blogging – Start you own blog about your business and industry. Start posting to it every other day, and linking back to your web site.

8) Ezine Solo Ads – Rent someone list today and send out an email about your business to the subscribers of that Ezine. Pick an Ezine that is relative to your market. Ezine readers are always interested in reading your offer.

9) SEO and Linking – Talk to a professional search engine submission company to see how they can help you. Create a linking campaign with others you know in the business to link back to your site.

10) Social Networking – Join some of the more popular social networking sites out there, join the business groups relative to your business, start adding friends, and exposing your product and service to them. Social Networking is one of the most powerful web site marketing strategies available today.

11) Web 2.0 – Web 2.0 has recently revolutionaries the internet. Sites like Squidoo and bookmarking sites will drastically increase traffic to your site.

12) A Schedule – This is the most important part of your web site marketing strategies. Make a weekly schedule for yourself, on which of the above marketing tactics you are going to do on a daily basis, and follow that schedule religiously.

Doing these above twelve web site marketing strategies on a daily and weekly bases will ensure the success of your online business. As you can see, there is work to getting traffic to your web site, and it will not happen overnight. Many people I have talked to quit doing the things above after 30 days and they say “it does not work”. Sorry folks, the truth to that statement is that they (the person) is not willing to work. Carry on with these web site marketing strategies for three, six, and twelve months, and you will have success in your new online venture.

By: Rodney Larrivee

About the Author:

Rod Larrivee is a successful online marketer and SEO expert and works with many businesses helping them drive traffic to their site.  Rod offers a free 8 week video course on web site marketing strategies on his web site.  Click here to visit his site.

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