Internet web site marketing is a tricky business, because there are so many loose floating parts to it that you have to master and leverage on before that magnificent creation of a website can start earning you serious money. Let’s try and capitalise on cheap and fuss free methods that are actually quite important – and I’ve narrowed it down to the 3 best ways to make money with internet web site marketing.

What is the first thing anyone does everyday when they are looking for a specific topic? That’s right. They use a search engine and that is something you should be looking at – search engine strategies to enhance your presence of the digital doorstep of every man, woman and child that is logged on and happily surfing away. Knowing how to get your website ranked high within the search engine is a key to success in your internet webs site marketing techniques. Prepare them for optimal indexing, meaning you should be so brash and so loud, that no search engine will ignore you.

Content is king here. Page titles, keywords and a description of your website all are basically protruding digital hooks for the great fishnet of search engines to snag on and drag you to their results list. Now once you get there and someone clicks on your webpage, this is where design and layout play a crucial role in making or breaking your internet web site marketing. It has to be catchy, as in all things marketing; the carrier must be able to attract a lot of attention. The sales copy must also be engaging and lead the consumer to where you want them to go and what you want them to do – it can be either filling out a form, clicking on a link or even consider buying a product. The entire design of the website must be like a good looking labyrinth, tempting from them to go in but they need a bit of guidance to get out, and once they do, they leave behind a golden egg you can use.

Links. People click on them everyday. And links could be your backroads to success. You have to find ways and means to throw links all over the place, either overtly or covertly. Getting people to visit your website is the key underlying factor why everyone goes into internet website marketing, because profits can only be generated by a busy cyberspace shop. Here you aren’t really constrained by space, a few megabytes could be an emporium the size of Big Ben in digital terms. Use articles, blogs, recommendations, forums, newsgroups – whatever you can think of to get your links out there. Banners and pay per click marketing are of course other ways, but they do incur cost, and if you can afford the overheads and they don’t do the rabbit run ahead of your turtling profits, then I will have no problems with these methods.

In website marketing, getting yourself known is what makes the difference. Money can be made with internet web site marketing – but it is these methods that will give you a priceless edge over the competition.

By: Joseph Lockey

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