What is your purpose in having good web site marketing strategy? You need to be clear about this at first. Even before you decide to make huge profits or another income boost. It is to provide visibility to your business in the online arena.

It is not very much different than an off line business. Your profits depends on how people are able to find you. So, your own web site marketing strategy will help boost your profits massively.

If you have ever heard from the likes of Amazon or eBay, I’m sure you are no newcomer to the Internet marketing world. This marks a better middle ground for your learning today. Let’s just get on with the 3 tips to increase your profits using a definite web site marketing strategy.

Tip #1: Keep It Simple, Silly!

Both you and I know that the Internet world must be a technical place, right? Wrong. You can see that the very same people who are profiting are not necessary geeks or technologists. All it takes is that you start planning a very simple web site marketing strategy.

It does not take long to create one. Choose a Sunday afternoon or anytime when you are relaxed and start drawing a bubble in a clean sheet of paper with the words ‘my web site marketing strategy’. Then, draw three other bubbles connected to that main bubble.

Try it. I’m teaching you how to mind-map the easy way too. Don’t try to be creative just stay calm.

Tip #2: Learn Only What You Need

There are times when my friends gets so engrossed with their web site marketing strategy they decide to learn the latest and best of tips online. You do not want to learn everything which is linked to your web site marketing strategy. Just focus on the major things you need.

Now you have got the 3 bubbles mapped out. Next, write down website, competition and traffic. I have to stress the importance for you to learn a little about HTML language. This will help when you want to make small changes to your website.

Your web site marketing strategy syllabus should also include about learning how to generate web traffic.

Tip #3: Get To Know Your Competition

When I first started out, I really wanted a push-button solution. After years of doing my own effective web site marketing strategy, I found out there isn’t any guaranteed solutions. Competition exists and that it the reason why you will face challenges.

Now, I don’t mean you go out and get a ‘buddy relationship’ with them. What you can do is to study them and try to be aware of what they are doing. Information is crucial and that would make the last bubble for your web site marketing strategy action plan. Hey, great alliances are formed by healthy competition.

Let’s wrap up. Your complete web site marketing strategy should follow the 3 tips in accordance. First, keep it simple. Simplicity is key to your sanity. Learn only what you need to make profits in your web site marketing strategy. Last but not least, always get to know your competition. They might have more tips than you can imagine.

By: Vern How Chan

About the Author:

Vern How has been earning online since June 2006. He is an Internet marketer who believes in giving back by helping others.

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