There are many ways how to improve search engine ranking.  Some of these methods can be effective while others will not get you anywhere.  If you want to quickly get a top spot in organic search engine results, then you have to build your link popularity.  This is the key in claiming the number one position in search engine ranking.  All website analysis tools put premium in tracking link popularity.  Even Google is publicly announcing that link popularity is the key to improve search engine ranking. 

So how do you go about building incoming links to your website?  There are also several ways to build incoming links to improve your link popularity.  Some methods are ethical and they are guaranteed to work.  Ethical link building is a pretty slow process and it also involves lots of hard work. However, you could reap big rewards from it in the long run.  Do not be tempted by black hat link building or artificially buying links from link farms.  Your website could be penalized by the search engines if you resort to easy but unethical tactics.  So here are the proven methods to link building to improve search engine ranking.

First, create quality blogs that you can link to your website.  Quality blogs mean they are related to the content of your website and they have useful content.  You must also regularly update these blogs so they can be indexed by search engines.  When you post articles to these blogs, make sure that each article contains one or two links to your website.  You can also place a related link category on the sidebar of your blogs and put a link to your website in those places.  If you have 20 or more blogs, then you can have 20 quality links pointing to your website.  Use a website analysis tool to track these links.  A website analysis tool can also determine if there are some dead links on your blogs.

Your work to improve search engine ranking will not stop in creating blogs.  You have to write articles and submit it to at least 3 article directories.  Make sure that you put a direct link to your website from these articles.  Normally, article directories will allow you to place 2 links to your website.  Some directories allow you to create a resource box where you can directly advertise your website with live links.  When these articles are go live in the directories then you get additional incoming links.  When other webmasters use your articles in their websites then your inbound links will start to multiply. 

Lastly, write regular press releases.  PR is the easiest article you can write.  Link these press releases to your website and distribute them on the Internet.  Online newswires regularly picks up press releases and publish it on their news pages.  With a live link on these press releases, you can definitely get more inbound links.  Always use a website analysis tool to track inbound links to protect your interest.  These efforts alone can skyrocket your search positioning.  These are also ethical ways to improve search engine ranking.

By: Jhoana Cooper

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