How SEO Works?

(Hakukoneoptimointiin vaikuttavat tekijät?)

Watch the awesome video by Matt Cutts below!

He is the Chief Engeneer of Google.

– He, if anybody, really knows How and what the Search Engines are assessing
when determing the SERP of particular webSite.

How Search Works?

…Now You know How the Search Engines valuate Your websites.

It takes a lot of time to understand this process – and to make it
more difficult Serch Engines  tend to change their algorithms more
often nowadays. The last changement for Google’s most important
factors to determine their SERPs for different Websites was made as
recently as in June, this summer!

It’ll take months (or years) for SEO professionals to find out the most
important changements to the Algorithms… And, nowaday,  they tend to do
this 2 – 3 times a year!

That is Why I love SEO! [ Hakukoneoptimointi ] :-))

How SEO Works?

SEO Consulting_ Keywords are Important
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