We have been using our current website domain name, facialart.com, for the last 13 years and has certainly earned reasonable SEO and good overall recognition. But the name itself maybe misleading as to what we do which is oral surgery. Is it possible to create a whole new website with a different domain name (more descriptive of what we do) and not lose facialart.com’s presence and current SEO reach? what is the best strategy to not lose what we already have, and perhaps use a more appropriate domain name that better matches frequent search words?

Best reply by j k:

I wouldn’t touch the old site if it does well – and for a long time too.

Go ahead and get a new site, put content on it, but don’t make it duplicate content. That would get you in trouble with search engines.

Use different search terms if possible as well. Make sure to link to the new site from the old (don’t just plop a link somewhere – do it naturally – for instance – if there are keywords in the text on the old site you may use on the new – link those words with the new domain name.

If there’s a couple of pages you want to use on the new site from the old, you can do it – you move them to the new site, and put a 301 redirect in your htaccess file on the old site. This will redirect to the new site, and it tells the search engines you’ve moved the page permenantly.

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