Charlottesville, VA (Vocus) April 30, 2010

Search Mojo, a leading search engine optimization agency headquartered in Charlottesville, Va., announces their second series of Twitter chat topics focused on search engine optimization (SEO). Search Mojo’s #seo411 chat provides an online venue for industry professionals to share current SEO strategies, methods and ideas. After conducting six Twitter chats covering the SEO process, the agency now looks to host more niche discussions.

“The Twitter chats held thus far have provided a great way to share information about SEO and create new connections between industry professionals and those new to SEO,” said Janet Driscoll Miller, President and CEO of Search Mojo. ”The chats offer all participants an opportunity to share tips and discuss the future of SEO.”

The Search Mojo Twitter chat is held weekly on Tuesdays at 2:00 p.m. ET and uses the hashtag #seo411. No registration is required for the Twitter chats; participants should follow the hashtag #seo411 in Twitter to follow the discussion and should use the same hashtag when responding via Twitter updates to comment.

The upcoming topics on the SEO Twitter chat schedule are:

5/4/2010 Learning SEO
5/11/2010 SEO for Press Releases
5/18/2010 Video SEO
5/25/2010 SEO Tactics for Blogs
6/1/2010 Preparing PDF’s for SEO
Who Should Participate

Marketers and website owners of all experience levels are welcome to participate in the Twitter chat. The chat is designed to facilitate discussion between participants, helping all participants learn more about SEO from each other.

To Participate in the Search Mojo Twitter Chat

There are several free Twitter chat tools available online to help participants take part in the chat discussion, including TweetChat, an online client that allows users to follow and participate in a chat discussion by following and tweeting the selected chat hashtag automatically.

To take part in the discussion using TweetChat:

1.    Go to .

2.    Enter the hashtag #seo411 and click “Go”.

3.    Click the sign in button to sign into your Twitter account.

TweetChat will show only tweets from the #seo411 discussion and will automatically add the hashtag #seo411 to tweets made by the participant. Participants should look for tweets from the @SearchMojo Twitter handle for discussion questions. For more details about the chat, participants can refer to Search Mojo’s Twitter chat instruction guide.

About Search Mojo, Inc.

Search Mojo specializes in lead generation through search engine marketing services. Founded in 2005, Search Mojo uses the latest information and techniques to help companies improve their organic search engine rankings as well as improving pay-per-click advertising performance. Learn more about Search Mojo at or read our blog, Search Marketing Sage, at


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