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SEO Guide For New Bloggers Or Website Owners – Part 1

Article by BloggerOfTheWeb

I realize that many new bloggers or website owners aim to blog for money but never use the proper way to achieve their objective. The building of a new blog or website presents an interesting analogy of nurturing a new born baby. You give birth to a new baby (create and host a new website), give it a name (create a domain name), educate it (customize it with themes and plug-ins) and feed it (add new contents) everyday.

Based on the analogy, there is no “quick-fast” way to make a new website becomes mature, popular, and ranked high by search engines overnight. If you are working on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you must remember to do it slowly and gradually. You cannot rush, trust me! That’s why I hate black-hat SEO. The reason is because even if you succeed in making your website or web page ranks top in search engine results, it wouldn’t stay there for long. Search engines will discover your trick and ban you. Simple as that.

To understand what are the important factors of SEO, you may read the following guide I have written for you. This is only the first part of the guide. The rest will follow shortly.

SEO Guide For New Bloggers Or Website Owners (Part 1) – Building Your Website For SEO

A) Find The Right Niche

The right niche is always one that you are most comfortable with, well versed in and be able to think of new ideas and topics to write about every day. So far, the most popular niche would be webmaster and money-making related.

B) Think Of The Right Keyword(s)

Ok, now you found your niche, the next thing you should do, is to think of your keyword(s). Decide whether you wish to go for a single keyword or multiple keywords. Also decide on whether you wish to work on general term or keyword phrases. For a start, I would recommend you to go for “single keyword phrase”. A very good example would be “How To Blog For More Money”.

C) Choose A Suitable And Unique Theme

Once you know what to blog about and identified your keyword, the next thing you should do is to find a right and unique theme that suits your niche. Example if your website is about blogging for money, you should go for a theme that has a professional look to convince your visitors that you are serious in this business.

If you are into blogging, I would recommend WordPress as the blogging software to use. If you have some cash to spare, I would recommend you to go for customized theme. Free themes are typically used widely hence may lost their uniqueness.

In order to make the whole guide more organized, I have decided to break it into several parts (sections) to enhance your reading pleasure. I have also included this part of the guide into my SEO page, this will allow you to navigate here easily from the main page.

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