Strange Business: The Unconventional Guide to Internet Marketing

Learn how website usability can be made better by gawking at bikini-clad women, how the four-hour workweek is a total myth, and how acting strange online can be the best recipe for profitability in this incredible book. Irreverent, highly opinionated, and downright controversial, Strange Business: The Unconventional Guide to Internet Marketing is an uncensored look at the most wildly successful internet marketing techniques on the planet. Explore what works and what doesn’t when it comes to internet marketing from the 29-year-old mad scientist behind industry-leading websites in public relations, search engine optimization, and book marketing.

Experience-driven facts are delivered with hilariously funny stories from an internet business owner who has seen, and tried, it all. Catapult your business to new levels of success in a world where everyone is marketing on the internet by following the expert advice found only in this book.

“If you are going to sell on the internet, this book is a non-negotiable must.”

Jeffrey Fox. Best selling author of “How to Become CEO,” and “Rain: What a Paperboy Learned About Business.”

“Clark Covington’s book is a must read for anyone who truly desires to achieve success online. What makes this book different is that Clark provides you with the same blueprint for digital marketing success that he used to build his business. The book is highly insightful, straight forward, and a quick read.”

Mike Myatt
America’s Top CEO Coach and Best Selling Author

“Strange Business: The Unconventional Guide to Internet Marketing kicks butt. You’ve got to read this book and put to work the ideas inside if you want to run a successful internet business. Each chapter is jam packed with useful information. Clark Covington knows what he’s talking about. Better yet, he shares it in a down to earth, easily readable common sense manner. I know that these ideas work. I am using many of them to boost my business.”

Bud Bilanich
The Common Sense Guy
Author of Straight Talk for Success

Clark Covington hits the mark over and over again in his newest book Strange Business: The Unconventional Guide to Internet Marketing!

Brian Cunningham
Author of Never Give Up!: Life Lessons of a Successful Entrepreneur


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List Price: $ 9.95


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Price: $ 14.95

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