(PRWEB) April 26, 2005

With the aim of saving individuals and small business’ thousands in Search Engine Optimisation costs the new SEO resource at www.seo-service.biz provides articles, guides and tools to enable a SEO ‘newbie’ to learn about the SEO basics and to plan and implement the optimisation of their own website.

The vast majority of websites are built and run with little or no thought put into how the site will achieve the number of visitors to make it a successful venture. In today’s crowded internet marketplace websites need to take full advantage of any edge that they may gain over their competition.

Simply building a Web site is no guarantee that important target audiences will visit that site. The most popular way in which people find Web sites is through search engines. If a Web site can be easily found by the search engines, the amount of qualified traffic it receives will greatly increase, thereby maximizing sales and other business opportunities

The new resource places a large emphasis on editorial content that teaches web designers, webmasters, developers and programmers the SEO basics. Other useful resources to be found on the site includes current industry news, job postings, links to the most useful SEO tools, news feeds from other popular SEO resources and a forum to keep up to date and to ask for expert opinions.

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