A professional SEO consultant is essential for the success of a search engine optimization project. With the right input and expertise from a SEO consultant, SEO can be carried out more effectively and efficiently, thus helping your site to achieve higher ranking much faster.

A quality SEO consultant needs to have proven track record and portfolio. Do not afraid to ask for references and find out his working relationships and SEO results with his clients. A proficient SEO consultant will also know how to make use of the right keywords to attract the right target audience to visit your website from the search engines. It is always about results and you need to make sure that the consultant has the necessary skillsets and knowledge to deliver it.

Now, let me share with you 5 qualities that I think a professional SEO consultant should have:

1. Knowledgeable in online marketing. The consultant should have a vast knowledge on website promotion on the Internet. He or she must know how to promote a website on various search engines by using the right keywords. Sometimes, the most generic keyword is not always the best keyword to optimize. The consultant should conduct a research and find out what are the keywords that your prospects actually type in search engines to look for your products or services.

2. Onsite optimization knowledge. He or she must be proficient enough to tag the different pages of your website with the right keywords. Onsite optimization is more than just putting keywords in the Title and Meta tags. The keywords used in each page must match the content of that page. At the same time, the frequency that the keywords appear in the particular page also needs to be taken into consideration. Too many occurrence of a keyword in a single page is considered keyword stuffing and search engines will penalize your site for this.

3. Offsite optimization knowledge. He or she needs to be familiar with offsite optimization techniques such as directory submissions, link buildings, articles submission, social bookmarking, etc.

4. Know how to retain your website visitors. Driving huge traffic to your website is not enough if none of them take the particular action that you want them to take (such as downloading a report, opting into a mailing list, or an online sale). Therefore, a professional SEO consultant should have the knowledge on landing page optimization so that he or she will know how to structure your page to increase your conversion.

5. Up-to-date with the latest SEO news and techniques. He or she needs to be competent in the latest SEO techniques and methods by keeping himself updated with the latest SEO news.

With these, you are now equipped with the expectation of what a SEO consultant should have before you hire any consultant to optimize your site.

By: Cheow Yu Yuan

About the Author:

Cheow Yu Yuan is the co-founder of OOM, an online marketing agency providing SEO Singapore services.

Check out more about SEO Singapore at www.optimalonlinemarketing.com

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